Keratin Treatment and Japanese Hair Straightening professional

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Japanese Hair Straightening

(Thermal Reconditioning/TR)

Goldwell_Kerasilk_Keratin_model___brunette_2_USE_RIGHTS_EXPIRE_March_1_2016Transform your curly, wavy, frizzy hair into – soft, silky, shiny, straight hair – Permanently!”

Japanese Thermal Reconditioning/TR will offer immediate savings to all those forced to spend their time and money each week in such a time-consuming manner. With this system, you can have the perfectly straight hair you’ve always dreamed about. When selecting a product you want assurance and knowledge-especially when dealing with permanent hair straightening. It is absolutely important that you select a stylist and a product with proven history of customer satisfaction. It’s the hotter, sexier alternative to the old way of straightening the hair. Now you have the option to have straight, soft, silky and frizz-free hair with little work required by you at-home.

Not a Cure-All. Not all hair types can or should receive Thermal Reconditioning. Unfortunately there will probably be stylists out there who are going to do it for the wrong reasons. Previously color, highlight treated hair may experience problems like, reversion, breakage and dryness, especially if it is bleach treated. Some may complain that their hair feels more like straw than silk. The very best candidates have virgin hair that has not ever been color or processed in any way.


Wash and wear look or polished look? After TR all you need to do is finger blow-dry the hair. For polished look, quickly slide the iron on the hair in big sections (3-5 minutes) and the hair will look polished and stays straight and frizz-free.